Bluetooth Terminal

Bluetooth Terminal

With Bluetooth LE Terminal you can easily prototype your Bluetooth Smart enabled hardware. Send individual bytes encoded as ASCII, HEX or Decimal numbers and receive data from your hardware accessory.


Scan. Connect.

Scan for Bluetooth Low Energy devices around you and connect to your device with just a tap.

Services. Characteristics.

See what's important at a glance. The device's name and UUID, as well as the current RSSI signal strength. Further inspect available services and their characteristics and associated values.

Receive. Send.

Receive and send data in either HEX, ASCII or Int64 on supported services.


Setup up to 12 buttons with customizable values to send data repeatedly with ease.

Get Started Now

Get started prototyping, developing or testing right now and download Bluetooth Terminal from the App Store!


Meet the developer

Lukas Pistrol is an iOS & macOS developer from Vienna, Austria.

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